Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coraline Limited Edition Dunks

Only 1000 of these are being made and they look pretty decent aswell. The handsewn looking stitching, the burlap, and buttons are a very nice touch.

NikeID Collab With Grostesk and +41

Nike got two artist/designers two work on an exclusive pair of sneakers with a nice colorway of grey, white, and orange.

Bape Releases Four New Hoodie Theamed Bapestas

Bape released 4 really nice sneakers today. The shoes are designed after their animal faced hoodies which are the shark, panda, cow, and tiger. The colorways for all but the tigers are grayscale colors and the tigers are orange. Also, something else to point out is the usual colored “APE” on the midsole has been changed to BAPE.